Customers remember murdered store clerk

FOUKE, AR - In Fouke Arkansas customers of the EZ Mart are grieving over their favorite employee.
"She was special, "said Jeff Huddleston, EZ Mart customer.
As customers return for the first time since Christa Shockely was murdered, they're sharing their memories of her.
 Huddleston said ," very courteous she would have my biscuits laid for me i come between here 4:45-4:50 every morning and shell have everything ready for me." 
"Shes such a great girl hard worker the last person in the world to deserve something so horrible and horrific as this," John Dixon, EZ Mart customer.
Police say they found her unresponsive on the floor of the store early Thursday Morning.
They  arrested her killer a 12 year-old male.. shortly after 8:00 A.M. Thursday.
Community members  say this has affected the whole town.
 Dixon says,"Its shocking that the police where walking around crying because all the sheriffs come here all the state troopers come here and they get their coffee so everyone that was involved they weren't just involved they were effected she was that type of person."
Huddleston said ,"I just thought the world of her and just really sad about what happened that she ...Should of never happened."
The 12 year old will appear in Miller County court on February 8th.

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