Counterfeit money hits local Girl Scout Troop

Volunteers looking closely at the money

TEXARKANA, TX - Thieves use counterfeit money just about anywhere they can.  But this time, it's hitting really close to home.

The imitation currency was recently used to buy Girl Scout cookies from a troop selling them on Seventh Street in Texarkana, Texas.

Paula May has been selling cookies with her daughter for the past few weekends.   She said, "It's a Girl Scout booth.  Who would you think would pass it off?" 

About a week ago, a volunteer at the Seventh Street tent was handed a ten dollar bill.  May said, "It gets really fast in here so we just took it, threw it to the back."  But Monday at the bank, the counterfeit bill was exposed.  

"It's such a small amount, but when you're out here working so hard for such a cause, it's so aggravating to lose even that small amount," May said.

Texarkana, Texas police say it's important to pay attention to people paying cash.  TTPD Public Information Officer Shawn Vaughn said, "A lot of times they're counting on the clerk to be in a rush."  

Vaughn said if you want to check to see if a bill is real, hold it up to a bright light.  "There's a thread that goes through on either side and it'll say twenty or ten or whatever the denomination of the bill is.  Also if you look on the other end, you'll be able to see a reverse of the person's face that's there," Vaughn said.

Girl Scouts said they've learned their lesson.  Now all their bills are being closely checked.  

Next weekend is the last weekend Girl Scout Troop 2388 will be selling their cookies on Seventh Street.  

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