Couple returns to their home in ruins after tornado

Couple's home destroyed

DEKALB, Texas - Scott and Maria Tidwell are grateful they weren't home when Sunday night's tornado hit their home

Scott says, "I watched it until it just uh blew up literally over Dekalb". 

The Tidwell's were in Waco helping their daughter move when they heard the news


The entire roof is in the backyard, wires hang from the wall, and there is a sea of debris


Scott adds,"The biggest thing that strikes you of course since my parents built this house is uh. They're gone and most of everything you know of their belongings and what not is gone and this was like the last thing. You know this was my connection to my parents and now it's gone.


But one thing unmoved are the crosses that hang in each room.


Maria Tidwell says,"I started to look around at the other walls and what was left. Places that we had pictures and other decorations were gone, but every cross in every room was there.


Scott Tidwell grew up in this house, he reflects,"My parents at my age about 70 years  old their house burned to the ground. Which built this house and they've passed  and I've heired this house from them and here I am at 70 years old and now my house you know. Life's come full circle."

The couple are now at a cross roads in life

The Tidwell's say"Now, you know are we gonna still stay here or you know are we just gonna leave this and move on some place else. So a lot of decisions to be made. lot of decisions,but as always after 32 years we'll make them together. We'll make them together.


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