Crawfish season is one of the busiest times for Louisiana restaurants

No matter how you peel it

Robert "Papa" Shaver is the owner of Shaver's catering in Shreveport.

He's been in business for 23 years and says this year is unlike anything he's ever seen.

"It's the busiest year I've seen in my 23 years of being at this location. Mother nature has been good to us this year", says Shaver.

Check out these stats on crawfish:

-150-200 million pounds of crawfish are produced in Louisiana each year.

-Louisiana crawfish representing more than 90% of the domestic u.S. Crawfish supply

-The total economic contribution to the Louisiana economy exceeds 300 million dollars annually.

-With 90%, Louisiana leads the nation in the production of domestic crawfish. 



Another crawfish note to pass along - Mudbug Madness is May 25-28 at Shreveport's Festival Plaza. 

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