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Debris clean up continues in Bossier Parish with the help of the Highway Department

HAUGHTON, La - After a tornado sweeps through Shreveport-Bossier community members continue to clean up the damage left behind.

There's still plenty of work to do. Community members are busy clearing the damage, but they won't be doing it alone.

The clean up continues, after an EF-1 tornado leaves behind a trail of destruction in Bossier Parish.

Sarah Bahr a resident of Country Place says, "there was a huge pine tree laying across our backyard, it had hit the back corner of our house."

People in the Country Place Subdivision have been in recovery mode for the past two days. 

Neighbors are pitching in and so are crews from the parish.

"There were a lot of people out here Saturday, helping and just helping cut down trees, and move piles of wood to the yard and it just amazing to see the clean up, cause a few hours ago our ditch was piled full."

Monday, the Bossier Parish Highway Department is picking up the debris left on the right of way in front of their homes.

"Logs, branches, trees, pine needles, and now it's empty which is nice to see, it's nice that the parish was able to do that for us."

Butch Ford the Parish Engineer says, "we wanted to do it as soon as possible, get everything cleaned up and give people's lives back like they where before."

Sarah and her neighbors are grateful.

"To see all the people that came out help to clean up that was one of the most amazing things."

If you need someone to pick up storm debris, call the Bossier Police Jury Highway Department 318-965-3752

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