Deer muzzleloader season kicks off in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Deer season is a vital part of the state's billion dollar hunting industry and early indications already show this season-- could be even stronger than the last.

"We've got more over her cut open so you can see what the inside looks like," says Berry.

For 25 years,Traci Berry has been serving up venison sausage. "This is jalapeno and cheese."

At "The Buck Stops Here" on Highway 107 in Jacksonville."It's still been hot, but we've had great numbers."

Kicking off the natural states biggest money maker, Berry says this year's numbers for bow and muzzle loader season are already panning out better than last year's. "It's still been hot but our numbers are double almost double than this time last year."

Brad Carner - head of the Game and Fish Wildlife Division told us last season hunting license sales remained strong-- with more than 200-thousand deer harvested. A number that surprised some as it was the first season since the detection of chronic wasting disease.

With a new season-- comes some new changes. All to entice more hunters into the woods-- and therefore into her business."We average a couple of thousand tickets but a lot of them have multiple deer on them, we hope to hit 3 or 4 thousand deer."

Berry-- hopeful to make "Bigger bucks" this time around. Muzzleloader season lasts until October, 29th. Modern deer gun hunting season kicks off November 11th.

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