Downtown Shreveport parking app available

SHREVEPORT - On Monday, May 1, motorists in downtown Shreveport will be able to park at a meter using the simple swipe of a finger. 

Step one is to download the Parkmobile app, set up how you wish to pay and input the license plates of the car(s) you’ll be driving. 

Once you park, you’ll input the Zone Number (seen on decals and signage), indicate how long you wish to park, and you’ll be good to go.

The app is incredibly useful AND user-friendly. It will give you a reminder when you’re about to run out of time and allow you to refill your meter remotely, thus avoiding the dreaded $10 expired meter ticket. Also, for a slight upcharge, you will be able to make a 2-hour parking space a 3-hour space. Yes, your boring meeting can go on and on and you won’t need to run out and feed the meter or change parking spaces! There is a $.35 convenience fee for all parking sessions, but if you set up the wallet feature, this will drop to $.15 per session.

If you don’t want to download the app, you can still use Parkmobile’s toll-free number to pay for your meter parking. This number will be displayed on all decals and signage.

Meters will still be available for use, as will the popular Park Cards. Eventually, Parkmobile’s pay by phone options will be required at all spaces with no meter.

Download the app at the iTunes store and all locations where apps are available.

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