East Texas HS football player in ICU after game injury

BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (KTAL) - A east Texas high school player is at Arkansas Children's Hospital after being injured in a game last month.

Scott Akins, of Simms, Texas is being treated in the ICU for a brain injury that required surgery.

A Facebook page called, Pray for Scott Akins, has also been set up for prayer and healing for Akins. 

Here's the latest post made to the page about Scott's recovery:
Good morning! 
Scott had a good restful night. He did experience a storm in the early morning hours which caused his body temp to start rising. So they gave him a bolus of his meds for storms and turned his cooling blanket back on. He had more oozing from his incision area so Neuro came back in and fixed him back up...again. Our main focus is to get him off one of his meds while still controlling his storms and temp. Only then will we be able to try to extubate and take him off the vent. They've said that him remaining calm and relaxed has helped when trying to find the right combination of meds to get us to our goal so we will continue to give Scott the break and rest he needs. He's getting stronger every day, I just know it!!

A GoFundMe account has also been setup for Scott's family. 

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