Edwards comes out against Cassidy/Graham plan

SHREVEPORT - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is coming out against the Sen. Bill Cassidy's plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Edwards says the plan would eliminate Louisiana’s Medicaid expansion program that is currently providing health coverage to 430,000 people.

'Right now, more than 430,000 working poor people in Louisiana have access to health insurance because we chose to bring our federal tax dollars back home.  We’re saving lives, money, and investing in our people to ensure they are able to receive quality healthcare.  Importantly, Louisiana’s uninsured rate has dropped to nearly 10 percent. Undoing this progress would negatively impact our citizens and our economy" said Gov. Edwards.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is co-sponsoring the bill with Sen. Cassidy. 

"If you're in a state which has not expanded medicaid. You're going to do great. And all those low income Texans, Floridians, Virginians, Missourians, will have dollars in their state to help them to get health insurance which they currently do not have. If you're a state that has expanded medicaid, we do our best to hold you harmless. We don't want to hurt folks" said Sen. Bill Cassidy.

The Congressional Budget Office has not yet released a score of the Cassidy/Graham plan.


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