Fairfield Elementary Magnet team leads forecasting contest

Just 15 points separate the top 10

The second week of this year's Weathernator Forecasting Contest has ended and we have a new leader.  The Meerpohl team from Fairfield Elementary Magnet in Shreveport is now leading the competition with an average daily score of 7.00 points.  

Here is a look at the top 10 teams that are within 15 points of the leader:

School Name   Pts/Day
Fairfield Magnet Meerpohl 7.00
N. Desoto-Humelsine   7.30
Walnut Hill Hernandez   7.70
Waggoner Creek B   8.00
N. Desoto-Burford   8.10
Waggoner Creek A   8.30
N. Desoto-Arinder   8.40
N. Boston Middle Keeling A 8.50
Farifield Magnet Williams Stokes 8.50
N. Desoto-Pierce   8.50


The second week of the competition teams created forecasts that predict high and low temperatures and whether or not it will rain and/or snow.  They receive points for inaccuracy thus the lowest score wins.    The Fairfield Magnet Meerpohl team took the lead in the contest by having one of the most accurate forecast for both Friday and Saturday.  Teams from North Desoto Elementary, Walnut Hill Elementary and Waggoner Creek Elementary round out the top five. The Hernandez team from Walnut Hill Elementary led the contest after forecasting for Shreveport for the first week of the competition.  The Meerpohl team was in 9th place after week one. 

This is the sixth year of the contest and has by far been the one with the most difficult weather to predict.  To show just how difficult it has been, during a typical weather day the low temperature occurs just before sunrise and the high temperature is recorded by mid/late afternoon.  Due to several cold and warm front passages in the last few weeks, only TWO out of the ten days has seen a typical high and low.   

Teams will take a break from their forecasting duties this week.  Each year the contest ends with a week of forecasting for a location outside of the Arklatex.  Todd Warren gave the teams a choice of three possible locations to forecast during that final week.  Starting next Monday teams will begin providing forecasts for Boston, MA.  It should be a fun week of forecasting as long range models show that teams may have to contend with a chance for some snow in Boston.  Stay Tuned!

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