Fuller Center for Housing of NWLA completes Allendale project

Shreveport, La. - Roderick and Quinetta Carter a long with their six month old son, Caden, are ready to move into a brand new home in Allendale. 
"It's wonderful to know that you will have somewhere to sleep where I can build a future with my son and my wife as well," he said. 
The Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana started the Legacy Build on Clay Street in 2015. The Center will celebrate the completion of the homes through a special dedication on Saturday.
"Growing up on the same street, Clay street, it's a big transition," said Quinetta Carter. 
There are four new homes on the street. Two of them were built for two families and the other two are for veterans.
"It's about affordable housing. Everything we do is to provide an opportunity for working families to own their own home," said the Fuller Center's Executive Director, Lee Jeter. 
The homes are not custom built, but each is unique to its owners, who had a say in the process, including mirror design and lighting.
"We're glad because this is their home. They're the ones that's going to be paying the mortgage so it's important that we give them some say," said Jeter.
Kim Barfield is a mother of eight and she's excited about becoming a first time homeowner with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.
 "There are no words. I'm humbled that someone cared for me and my children. My babies," she said.
Jeter says the program's vision is to eliminate substandard housing.
The Fuller Center has completed 56 homes:  
  • 48 in Allendale,
  • 2 in Stoner Hill (Veteran's Village)
  • 2 in Bossier
  • 2 in Cedar Grove

Jeter says the Center got a $75,000 grant to build a Veteran's house in Stoner Hill in 2017. They are looking forward to building more because there are still veterans on the waiting list. 

The program requires each homeowner to complete 350 hours or more on sweat equity on their home or other homes so they've been a part of the building process from day one.
The homes have a $75,000 mortgage over a 20 year period. The mortgage is $400/month with no interest.
"We want to see Allendale continue to be revitalized. We want to be an example for the rest of the nation how to rebuild communities from the inside out," said Jeter.
The Legacy Build dedication will take place on Clay Street, Saturday Oct. 1 at noon. 
The other two homes will be dedicated Oct.15.

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