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Grammy voter in Shreveport

Producer Tommy Granville, voter for 4 years

Shreveport, LA - The Grammys are just a few days away and one of the people who is helping select this year's winners lives right here in Shreveport.

Shreveport native Tommy Granville is a mega producer.

"I've been producing professionally since about 1992." says Granville. Granville has climbed billboard charts producing hits for rappers like Lil Flip, Lil Keke and other superstars.

Those credentials, earned him a seat to be a Grammy voter.

"It was the best feeling in the world because I've wanted to do something like this for a long time" says Granville.

Granville has been a voter since 2014

. "This year we were able to vote online" says Granville.

Granville says voters are able to vote in any genre they'd like, no matter their professional musical background.

"I typically vote in country, I like to listen to a lot of country. I always vote in the general fields, the general fields are like record of the year song of the year and album of the year" says Granville.

The Grammy's received a lot of backlash in 2017 on social media because fans felt Beyonce's "Lemonade" should have won against Adele's "25."

Granville had this to say, "When you put yourself in the position of a voter every category has certain specific things that you're looking for."

He even gave us a few names of who he has high hopes for.

"I think Bruno Mars is going to have a big night, Cardi B that's going to be interesting" says Granville.

He's looking forward to seeing the outcome of music's biggest night.

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