Grandpa makes icicle truck

Grandkids celebrate holiday on ice

TEXARKANA,Tx - Freezing cold temperatures have forced many people to spend as little time outside as possible, but not Ronny Lindsey.

He's entertaining his grandkids by turning the parking lot of his business into an ice skating rink and popsicle stand. 

Ronny Lindsey says, "The kids was out of school. they didn't care about how cold it was when they was eating those popsicles and skating. they was just a skating and freezing to death. but they just kept on going. He says came up with the idea on Saturday. He wanted something enjoyable for his family to do to bring in the new year.

"I had to get the ladder to get the water hose up there to drip. the wind was blowing so I went and got the old blue truck, parked it there. The water kind of blow over on it. The kids will like that. They love that old truck," Lindsey said.

He didn't expect to receive so much attention. He's received many phone calls and visitors."The insurance company even called. wonder if I've been up to my place. I said yes. Well what happened. everything is busted up. It was all intentionally for the kids, the grand kids. They said wow, we've been in this business along time and never seen nobody do this", he said. Lindsey says this is a great way to start his new year and he is happy top bring smiles to his family. 

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