GSU's College of Business receives new computers

Grambling, LA - The College of Business on Grambling State University campus received 124 brand new Dell computers.

 "Oh my gosh I'm looking forward to the fall semester so I can put my hands on the computer to see how it works compared to the ones we had in spring," said Kevwe Omogbo computer information system (CIS) student.

The computers were purchased with money from the Louisiana workforce and innovation for a stronger economy fund also called the WISE fund.

With the increase of technology jobs along the I-20 corridor...Grambling wants to strengthen their stem related majors.

Kevin Sly,  computer information system (CIS) instructor says, "this is going to help us do that this corridor students getting there degrees and leaving and going to other states hopefully we can keep them here through technology."

The college has four majors that will benefit from the new computers.

Kevin Sly says, "accounting, CIS, management and marketing and we will have software available for each one of those disciplines."

But the accounting and computer information system (CIS), students will benefit more from the fund because they are stem courses.

Donald White, interim dean college of business says, "all students in the college of business has to take 2 computer information system courses and at less 2 accounting courses."

The classes are held in the four computer labs inside the college that holds 15 to 35 students.

"There 3000 series and our older series are the 600 series so that tells you how old our old system is versus or new system," Sly said.

Omogbo said, "the new ones the speed is going to be different."

The new speed of the computer will make the class faster with their work.

Sly said, "with the new computers we will be able to increase the speed the accuracy."

The computers will be put to use this upcoming fall semester.

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