Historic home mural under restoration in Jefferson, Texas

JEFFERSON, Tx - In Jefferson, Texas each stroke of the brush wipes away the harsh effects of time.

"It has actually faded tremendously in the last couple of years, I guess all of the rain we've had," says Carol Harrell. 

Carol Harrell has been owner of the Haywood House since 2005. The one time hotel, now home has been restored, except for a mural on its side which depicts the history of Jefferson on the 1800's.

The scenes were painted brick by brick in 1987, and Harrell has wanted to bring it back to life. That's when artist Emaniah Shinar arrived in Jefferson to check out the town.

"I canvassed the area and I saw this Haywood House and I saw a phone number and a faded mural, and I said, oh my God, I have to restore this mural," says Shinar.

The California artist is eccentric, enegetic and most in Jefferson would agree, endearing.

"I felt very comfortable, and the whole town has been involved, this has become the biggest tourist attraction in town since he's been painting," says Harrell. 

Shinar has become an attraction of his own, singing, playing homemade drums, and of course painting. 

The Mural's subjects are a tribute to Jefferson's past, including it's steamboat era, the three flags that have flown above the town, and it's Civil War history.

"It's called the Renaissance, so it's bringing this town back to it's height, this is the heyday, the Golden Era of Jefferson and everything is in that painting," says Shinar.

Harrell, a native of the area along with her husband take pride in preserving area history. She says it's their gift to the community. 

"And we hope that for the next 40 years it will stand and people can come and understand through the diorama.. the beautiful, wonderful history of Jefferson."

The mural will take 1 month to refurbish and should be finished this month. A public unveiling is expected on April 29th from 4 to 6 p.m.  

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