Homes destroyed after possible tornado rolls through Scottsville

Several residents say they're lucky to be alive

SCOTTSVILLE, Texas - A possible tornado touched down in Scottsville, Texas early Saturday evening, damaging homes and property.
A neighborhood along FM 1998 saw severe damage, and crews worked throughout the night to removing large fallen trees and downed power lines.
The power is out for all the residents along this area. Officials say once they removed the fallen trees and power lines, electricity will be restored but it will take several hours.
Eight homes were badly damaged on Trammel Street, but no injuries were reported.
Two men say they were inside their individual homes when what they believed to be a tornado came through completely destroying both houses. The men said their roofs and debris fell over their heads and they're just thankful to be alive.
"This used to be my house. I heard the wind and sounded like a tornado. The house shifted so covered my head and waited and it just got tore up," said Earnest Marshall,Scottsville resident.
The small community immediately came together to help remove debris and clear away the damage.
It's a long night ahead for these Scottsville residents with a lot of clean up heading into the next few days. But most say they're just happy to be safe.

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