Huge illegal tire dump under investigation by SPD

Police say someone or some business is operating illegally

Shreveport, La. - Thousands of tires are being illegally dumped in an area off Monkhouse Drive. Now Shreveport Police investigate who or what business is responsible.

Police say there could be local tire shops or employees part of larger waste management companies who are operating illegally and possibly pocketing cash instead of disposing of the tires.

Driving down a dirt road, off of Monkhouse Drive, near Interstate 20 is where the thousands of illegally dumped tires sit. Which don't decay or break down naturally.

"Tires aren't making it to their proper disposal site and instead they are making to sites like this which are all over our city," said Cpl. Angie Willhite, Public Information Officer Shreveport Police Department.

Corporal Willhite said it could be a local tire shop operating legally and believing they're hiring a legitimate business to transport the tires to proper facilities. But that transport businesses is not legit and not keeping up with their licensing. 

"They make money and not out-of-pocket anything for fuel costs to take them to the dump. It could also be a tire shop that is dumping them, themselves to avoid paying the tire fee," Willhite said.

Rick with Rick's Auto Repair nearby said for every tire he must pay a two-dollar Waste Management fee to the state of Louisiana. He said they have to follow strict guidelines and store tires so mosquitos can't populate inside them.

"When the guy with the Department of Environmental Quality comes out here we have to show him all this paperwork to make sure they know the tires are being picked up. So documentation has to be recorded? Yeah you have to maintain documentation on these tires," Rick Griffin said.

Nancy Mann manages a storage business next to the dump site and said she's heard it's been going on for years.

"I've seen one truck go but I really never paid attention, but I'm trying to watch for them," said Mann, Corie's Self Storage.

Some of the tires are old, while others are new. Some even with stickers still attached which Willhite suggests is straight from a tire shop.

"If you see a 16 foot trailer that's loaded head high with tires call and report that to us. If it is a legitimate transport company they are going to probably have a business type vehicle or box type truck," Willhite said.

Willhite said most tires in this area are taken to a disposal facility in Sibley. So they'll be checking into the middle man businesses between local shops and those facilities. 

When Willhite arrived to do an interview at the tire dump Friday afternoon she found a striped down car that was not there the day before. Police swiped the vehicle for finger prints. 

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