Husband accuses wife of shooting him after sex

DREW COUNTY, Ark. - KARK - An Arkansas woman allegedly shoots her husband after accusing him of having sex with her daughter.

When authorities arrived at the scene they found Kenny Lloyd, 44, in the passenger's seat of a vehicle and say he appeared to be intoxicated. 

Deputies with the Drew Co. Sheriff's Office said he refused to go to the hospital for treatment, insisting to show the officers something inside the residence. 

Kenny said he and his wife, Regina were having sex when she began accusing him of sleeping with her daughter. Kenny said that he told his wife that he wasn't sleeping at the residence, so he got dressed and went outside and started his vehicle. 

Kenny told police that when he realized that he didn't have any cigarettes on him, he decided to go back inside the residence to get them. Investigators said that he attempted to open the front door, which was locked. He says he then went to the back door, which was also locked, and after several attempts of trying to get inside the house, he kicked in the back door. Kenny told police that Regina Lloyd, his wife, then said, "this is the last time" and shot him with a .22 caliber revolver, hitting him in the right armpit area. Kenny then told authorities that he jumped over Christmas presents in an attempt to retrieve a shotgun located in a closet. 

According to the incident report, Regina Lloyd then left out of the back door of the house and into the woods.

Regina later left with her daughter and the daughter's boyfriend in a vehicle. 

Authorities found a .22 magnum revolver on a recliner in the living room. 

Regina told officers that Kenny was intoxicated and had told him to go to bed. Regina said that she was laying in bed, talking to Kenny when she says Kenny began hitting her in the head. 

According to the incident report, Kenny went outside and then tried to come back inside the house, but the door was locked. He then allegedly began yelling threats, even saying that he, "was going to kill her." Kenny allegedly broke down the door, causing Regina to grab a .22 caliber pistol and shoot him in the arm pit. 

Medical officials said that the wounds appear to be consistent with a shotgun and not a .22.

Authorities were unable to find the gun used by Regina. Regina told investigators that Kenny probably hid the gun because it was stolen.  

According to the incident report, Regina also suffered injuries during the incident, that of marks on her face and near her left rib cage where she said Kenny had pushed her into the coffee table. 

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