Little Rock joins nation in sex crimes sting

750 arrests made in three weeks across counry

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Little Rock Police teamed up with law enforcement all over the country as part of a national effort to stop sex crimes.

During a three week period more than 750 sex crime related arrests were made across the country. 

Little Rock Police Department Sgt. Allen Hamby is in charge of the four man vice squad that was out on the streets trying to cut down on sex crimes.

During this year's Super Bowl Sting, Hamby's crew made a series of what they call "street reversal busts,” putting a female undercover officer out on the street to bust would-be buyers. 

They made 10 arrests in January and six more the first week of February.

Hamby said a lot of the sting operations happen during major sporting events, like the Super Bowl, because the demand is greater.  Even more dangerous, it can lead to human trafficking.

Little Rock Police do 10-to-12 sex crimes sting operations a year. 

"Mainly it's so they know that we're out there and they know the next person they pick up may not be who they think it is,” Hamby Caitlin Reardon

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