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Local "hackers" and "coders" can now find quality I.T. jobs in Bossier

CSRA ITC is hiring for all types of positions in cyber innovation

Bossier, La. - A cutting edge type of industry focused on information technology opens in Bossier Tuesday.
CSRA Integrated Technology is a new facility next to BPCC and they're looking to hire for high tech and high paying jobs. Imagine a type of Silicon Valley place to work.
Officials said they plan to create the next generation of I.T. jobs which will serve as a game changer for the entire Northwest region.
With their ribbon cutting held Tuesday morning, Bossier becomes hub for innovation in coding and software design. The company does cyber work for the federal government and toured 135 locations before making their choice to build in Bossier. The Chief Information Officer, John Dancy, said the dedication of both Mayor Lo Walker and Louisiana Tech's President, Les Guice, help sway their opinion.
"This is the site where the locals would not let us go. We had people in the room with us the entire visit something no one else had ever done at any other sites we visited. So we just knew we could be successful here," Dancy said.
It's a part of a private sector partnership with the state, parish, city and higher education to develop Northwest Louisiana into an I.T. based economy. They've partnered with all the local colleges to gear classes to transfer over to their working environment. 
"It's one thing to have a business come to town but to have a business of this caliber that will develop the type of jobs the industry needs and also bring some of people back to Louisiana and get them to stay here," Mayor Walker said.
CSRA has already filled 400 positions, mostly graduates from LA Tech's computer-related degree programs, and they plan to fill another 400 by June of 2018. Dancy said if you're interested in writing code and working in a creative, collaborative work environment, this is the place for you.
"People who specialize in application development, cyber security, cyber engineering, networking, network infrastructure, all realms of information technology will be serviced out of this building," said Ashley Rockett, Director of Operations for CSRA ITC.
People can work in a variety of fields a part of information technology related to both military and civilian. Including work for the V.A. and "legal hacking."
Another goal is bring back people who had to move away for jobs in I.T.
They said if you have friends or family who moved to San Francisco or another larger city to be a part of the tech-world there, tell to them to apply here to come back home. 
"This means families don't have to be broken up. If you wanted to do a technology job in the past you went to Dallas and Houston. Now you don't have to go there to find the exact same quality work," Dancy said.
The facility has unique architecture that meant to show anyone driving along I-20 that it's definitely technological place. Lights will shine outside in different colors and interchange during the seasons. Rockett described it as "imagine you can look out and see the gators in the bayou to the right, cows in the pasture to the left, and be sitting in this huge, high tech facility fill with all kinds of great innovation going on right here in Bossier."
Spaces are designed for tech-savvy Millennials with open concepts and team oriented spots. Employees found in the "Virtual Ship" are looking through Oculus VR headsets.
"It's a kind of younger vibe with a very open, collaborative environment. A lot of movement and connectivity inspired in the designs," said Mike McSwaine, architect of CSRA ITC.
The facility is a part of Bossier's goal to make the area a National Cyber Development Park. It will employ thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the coming years.
Many state and city leaders were at the ribbon cutting ceremony including the Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards.  
"This is incredibly important, cutting edge work and we're going be attracting a pipeline from all over the country and instilling in kids the desire to work in STEM," Governor Edwards said.
150 jobs are currently open and ready to fill for anyone with an Associate's Degree up to a Ph.D in computer related fields. You can visit these links to find out how to apply.
The building also has a hidden message designed by McSwaine for code enthusiast to decipher. The glass painted mural running up the front of the building is actually a mission statement written in binary code. If you can figure it out, you can probably get a job there! 

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