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In this weeks Local on the Scene - meet a local artist whose participated in more than 15 art shows. Her name is Meredith Piper, she's just getting started. "The ultimate goal would be to keep creating and get my artwork into other states throughout the country."

An objective she may soon experience. Her work is comprised of oil paintings on wooden panels and large woven, wooden textile pieces. "I've created over 100 pieces in the past six months and most of those are in homes." Meaning - she sells a lot of work.

" For someone to buy it it feels very truthful Weaving and painting, those are my two loves. I like to build things with my hands. To buy original artwork is a privilege it's not a necessity."

She weaves beautiful pieces with talent, time, and yarn. and places them in one-of-a-kind frames, built, with her own hands.

"I just wanted to experiment what can I do with the wood and the yarn how can they work together. A lot of sketching and a lot of playing around that form the idea of framing the pieces."

Soon her work will be at Collective Artist, a working studio that Meredith and fellow local artist Ashley Hamm will soon open in southeast Shreveport.

"The goal is to have a working artist studio and gallery. You'll be able to come in and take classes and they'll be a work in wall with our work and other local artist in the community."

Until then she'll continue doing shows, creating art, and offering creative words of wisdom to others. "If you love doing something whether it's art or something else just keep pursuing it. There are many different paths to get you to one location so don't get discouraged if it's not the way you vision or planned it that doesn't mean it will not work out or you cannot make something of it."

A fascinating young artist who constructs beautiful pieces, one stitch at a time.

A reception honoring Meredith Piper and her newest collection of art will take place Thursday March 10th from 5-8pm at Shreveport's Agora Borealis.

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