Local theatre adds electric-powered reclining seats

A comfortable way to spend a hot summer day

Beating the heat this summer just got a lot more comfortable.

Monday morning we stopped by Cinemark Tinseltown to talk with the General Manager, Matt Markosky, on the cool new additions to the theatre.  

The Cinemark Tinseltown theater in Shreveport has joined the latest evolution of movie theaters: All the traditional seats have been replaced with electric luxury lounger recliners. Pretty cool, huh?  

They are plush, they are comfy, and Cinemark Tinseltown is the first theatre in the area to make the move. 

The upgrade to the theatre will make summer movie-going even more enjoyable and allow guests to select and reserve their seats in advance when purchasing tickets at cinemark.com or at the box office. 

The new electric-powered reclining seats are now in all 17 auditoriums at Tinseltown and XD Theatre located at 8400 Millicent Way in Shreveport, LA. 

The remodeling project completed last week. Cinemark Luxury Loungers feature electric-powered, plush, oversize lounge chairs with footrests and cup holders. 


In addition to the upgraded seating, this theatre has numerous amenities and cost-saving programs available including: 


Cinemark's XD auditorium - the number one, private label Premium Large Format (PLF) in the world 

Enhanced sound systems that will enable customers to hear the movies as the filmmakers intended 

A full-serve concession stand featuring popcorn, Coca-Cola fountain drinks and favorite candy brands 

Online and kiosk ticketing 

Game arcade

Daily Early-Bird ticket pricing 

Special discounts for Seniors every Monday

Discount Tuesdays with special pricing on all films, all day (restrictions may apply)

Summer Movie Clubhouse shows for only $1 each


Cinemark guests can also take advantage of these offers, designed to enhance the movie-going 

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