Mayor Ollie Tyler gives second year progress report

Shreveport, LA - Crime, economic development and street repairs are just some of things discussed in Mayor Ollie Tyler's Second Year Progress Report.
"We're going to be able to do more targeting of areas where we've seen a spike in crime."
Mayor Tyler says the city is partnering with the police department to implement a new initiative - "End the Silence... End the violence."
"We're asking more people to get involved."
With ten homicides this year in Shreveport, Tessie Simmons is on board.
"If we want to make a change in our community...if we want to have a place that is safe...only we can do that.  No one can do it for us.  It's an individual thing."
Tyler says the police department will utilize a "boots on the ground" strategy, targeting areas where they've seen a spike in violence and getting illegal firearms off the streets.
Tyler says they're launching 50 new road construction projects this year.  The plans include new bike paths and major repairs, which are long overdue for one resident of the MLK community.
Gerald Jones says, "Yes we need em' fixed.  They've been messed up for a while.  It's making your car unbalanced...making you have to buy more shocks."
The city has also put together an economic profile and promotional video to attract new businesses to the city.
Here's a look at some of the highlights from the Mayor's two year progress report:
-In 2016, the city received payments of $5.5 million in money owed to Shreveport.
-This year the Cargill Softball Complex will open.
-Several community centers will reopen that were part of the 2011 bond.
-The dog park is opening in May.
The Shreveport Aquarium is expected to open in August. 

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