Meet the Fit for Life contestants

They will take on a three month weight loss challenge

Shreveport, La. - Nbc 6 partners with health advocate Robert "Super-mann" Blount to get people "Fit for Life."

Five contestants were chosen to take on a three-month weight loss journey where we will document their progress along the way.

The weigh-in began at "Super-mann" Blount's gym in downtown Shreveport where five contestants take on the Fit for Life challenge. 

Theudas Allen is the owner of Allen's Grill in Minden. He says he plans to work hard. 

"It's a matter of mind over matter. Just setting your mind to it and reaching a point where you realize you have to change," Allen said.

Casie McDowell works with people with special needs and said the challenge is serious for her. 

"I definitely need to lose some weight and get fit and get healthier. In December I got very ill and ended up in hospital and wasn't given much of a choice. It's to get it together and lose weight or don't live. So I'm choosing to live," McDowell said.

Winter Buklad is a paralegal who said she's always struggled with her weight but big upcoming plans motivate her. 

"I'm getting married April 1 so I want to look good in a wedding dress. To be healthy and be able to have a baby," Buklad said.

Edward "Trey" Jackson is teaches at Caddo Magnet High and said his family inspires him. 

"Living long enough for my kids. I want to see my grandkids. So this is a big part of making it to see my grandkids. And you know, you'd like the wife to think you're hot every now and then," Jackson said.

Janica Allen works for the Shreveport Police Department and said she used to be really active. 

"I used to play basketball in college. Then had a child and after that it was like ahhh! I'm struggling to get back on track so this allows me to get back on track," Allen said.

They'll spend the next three months working with "Super-mann" focusing on their diets and exercise. 

Follow their progress with us under Get Fit for Life. 


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