Miller County goes digital

Court cases must now be e-filed

TEXARKANA, Ar - As of today, it's mandatory to e-file court cases in Miller County, Arkansas.

The transition started a year ago.  Less than ten counties in Arkansas have gone digital so far.  Circuit Clerk Mary Pankey said the move has cut down on expenses including paper and toner.

Court officials add that court proceedings should also be more efficient.  Pankey said, "The general public should know, they can actually access their case file, if they, anybody, if they want to look up a case online it's open for them to look up."
Circuit Judge Carlton Jones said, "Historically of course, with a paper file, you're steadily trying to flip through pages and find out where you were or need to be or want to be.  So, I think that's an advantage when you have that availability and that capability."

The mandatory e-file rules does not apply to individuals filing without an attorney. Documents can be found at

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