More arrests over the weekend at the Louisiana Boardwalk

BOSSIER-- - "Get across to your kids, be responsible in the behavior, and when law enforcement or authorities say it's time to go just abide and comply with what  they are telling you," says Lt. Bill Davis, PIO Bossier Sheriff's Office.
That's the message the bossier sheriff's office is sending the community after more arrests are made over the weekend at the Louisiana Boardwalk.
"Three girls who were told to leave, it's past curfew and you need to get out of here by a police officer," says Davis.
But they didn't leave...
They just went to another area at the boardwalk.
"It's not like someone is going up to them and saying oh it's 8 o'clock time to go and we are going to put you in jail. That's not what's happening. What happening is they are refusing to leave the site," says Davis.
The Sheriff's Office is enforcing the juvenile policy put forth by the boardwalk that prohibits juveniles 16 years of age and younger from being on the property after 8 p.m., unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian age 21 years or older .
"We're not going to put up with this, we want this to be a safe, family environment, where not only locals can shop, but tourists as well," says Davis.
Authorities ask the public to help enforce this policy to keep a safe, family friendly environment at the boardwalk.
"If we could just get the parents involved, then just about the majority of the issues we see with children, we probably wouldn't have to deal with them," says Davis.
This curfew has been in place since 2007.
It just hasn't been as strictly enforced until now.

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