More women carrying concealed hand guns

Shreveport, LA - Alicia Fuller is no stranger when it comes to guns.

She even owns several.

"I started carrying when I was about 45" says Fuller.

She's comfortable knowing she can do what's necessary to keep her family out of harms way if need be.

"If my husband is not home out working, i just want to be able to protect myself and my family" says Fuller. , says in 2017 one in five women reported they own a gun.

Instructors at DAVTAC say women's gun classes are always full and they've seen an uptick in women purchasing them.

"Even I had to push my wife a little bit to carry a gun and get her a conceal on it. She would always tell me, well you carry a gun. I would always say, I understand that but at some point you may be saving me" says lead instructor Joey Miguez.

Dana page owns two guns.

She says she's not fully placing her safety in her husband's hands.

"It's not only for men to know how to protect you.. you need to be able to know how to protect yourself." says Page.

"I feel a lot safer, I mean there's always that chance you don't want to ever have to use it, but you feel a lot safer." says Fuller.

These women feel, these are times to not be afraid of packing a little heat.

Pew Research reports women become gun owners at a later age than men.

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