1-year-old amputee runs, plays

Mother of a double amputee baby shares her story

Benton, LA - Ieshia Player, the  mother of twin 1-year-olds, shares how she deals with her sons disability and how she makes it through her days.

Montrale Player is one of the strongest 1-year-olds in Louisiana. Born with a rare bone condition, he is a double amputee. 

"He has Tibial Hemimelia, his mother Ieshia Player said. "One of his legs he was born with a tibial bone and the other leg was born with the total absence of the tibial bone."

Player said she was at Shriner's Hospital when she first learned of his condition and was told he needed amputation. 

 "I was really nervous," she said. "I didn't know what to do, so we went and got second opinions from New Orleans and Baton Rouge and they were saying the same thing."

Player consented to the surgery, and Montrale was fitted for prosthetic legs, which he received only a week ago, but is already walking and running on them.

His mom believes it's important to treat him like any other child. She said if he is treated like he has a disability, he'll act like he is disabled, but if he's treated like a normal child, he'll know "he can do whatever he puts his mind to." 

Player is living proof of that, as the young mother works full time, goes to school and cares for the twins. 

She said her mother takes care of the babies when she works for a local doctor, but she has them at night. She's getting her associates degree on line, because it will help her better provide for the children.  She also hopes continuing her education will be an example to her children, "to show them that nothing can stop you and that you have to keep going and pursue your dreams."

Although the burden seems heavy, Player stays strong by the grace of God.

"I pray a lot  and I  know that God wouldn't put more on me or (Montrale), that we couldn't  bare." She said she stays strong for her son. "I just keep praying and keep going, because I have to do what's right because I'm his mother so I just keep on going," Player said. 


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