Neighborhood watch groups evolving in Shreveport

Shreveport, La. - Penny Durham is President of the Greater South Highlands Neighborhood Association, a two block area where everyone can keep an eye on each other.

Durham said "I can stand outside and I can see the block down. They can see us and we can see them."

Durham's group is just one of many neighborhood watch groups set up by Julia Coleman with the Shreveport Police Department. While some old school groups meet in person, many neighborhood watch groups are keeping in touch online.

Coleman said "It has become easier. I'm able to reach out to several different communities at one time where as I was only able to reach out to one at a time."

The outreach also includes a Community Liaison Officer. 

Corporal Chase Crow is the Community Liaison Officer for Shreveport's District 5, and said "We have an email address. We answer text messages, phone calls, the possibilities are endless to get a hold of us." 

Marissa Carbine is a member of the Broadmoor/South Highland/ Capt. Shreve/ everything EAST of I-49  911 Calls neighborhood watch group on facebook.

Carbine said "It's social media at its best. Its straight information. This is whats going on. This is what you need to be aware of."

With more than 7,000 members, someone is always watching.

Carbine said "We're always in a meeting because as long as you're on facebook you're in that neighborhood watch meeting so you have that accessibility to that information." 

Police can do the same thing, sending out vital information to large groups at one time.

Corporal Crow said "We can broadcast information to everyone who does follow our pages."

For more information on neighborhood watch groups visit the Shreveport Police Department Neighborhood Watch page.

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