Neighborhood watch; in the palm of your hand

Community Facebook page

They're managed by people who live in your neighborhood and they're gaining popularity. They're neighborhood Facebook pages; helping both communities and law enforcement connect neighbors to each other and also serve as a crime watch service.

The public information officer in Bossier City says, just like a hammer, these pages serve as a useful tool. 

"These types of Facebook pages or any type of social media that makes folks more aware of what's going on in their neighborhood in terms of crime can be a very beneficial tool, not only for the residents but for law-enforcement," says Mark Natale.

Law enforcement also says there is always that possible negative aspect of this sort of platform that it could cause unnecessary alarm for the public. That information can be spread either intentional or unintentional.

"We saw that here recently with a rumor that was going around of individuals who were attempting to kidnap young women, placing them in cars. The human trafficking aspect came up. There was a rumor going around that these types of things were happening in Shreveport and Bossier City. We did some research and found out that information was false," says Natale.

Having to wait until the news reports on things is a thing of the past - but just because you have this new age neighborhood watch in the palm of your hand - doesn't mean that you should take the law in your hand. 

"First and foremost always notify law-enforcement if they do see something suspecous or a crime is being committed," says Natale.

Joey Guin is the owner of the Joseph Guin Salon in downtown Shreveport, earlier this year Guin fell victim to a crime. A crime that a local neighborhood Facebook page help solve. 

"We had it is sitting outside and we were all in here working, middle of the day, I made eye contact with the guy and he was kind of going back-and-forth and then all of a sudden he just hopped on the bike and took off," says Guin.

Guin notified the police and posted the account to social media.

"Then one day we came into work and we have a flood of phone calls and messages from our social media, our clients, and all stemming from the South Highland Facebook page, which is a very very active page," says Guin.

The bicycle was found and posted to the neighborhood page and is now back at home, sitting outside the Joesph Guin Salon. Guin says he's thankful to law enforcement, the neighborhood Facebook page, and also tells us that the bike probably won't be going anywhere, anytime soon.  

"Now we have honestly disable bit we have a cable that goes around it that runs around the spokes and the frame - so if you were tempted to get on the bike you'd only make one good turn before you fell over. Now it's purely Decorative," says Guin.

A decoration/bicycle that, thanks to a local neighborhood Facebook page, is back where it belongs - with it's owner. 

With an active and engaged neighborhood Facebook group - neighbors help one another, provide information to law enforcement, and do it all in the palm of their hands.


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