New Arkansas house bill has students sharing their views

House Bill 1249 conceal carry on college campuses

Texarkana, Ar. - Arkansas lawmakers are discussing a bill which would allow for more guns to be on college campuses across the state.

 Local college students spoke about how they feel about House Bill 1249.

The Arkansas state house passed House Bill 1249 which will allow college and university employees to be armed while on campus. 

"By allowing conceal carry holders to carry on campus we create a deterrent effect because theres somebody there who may be able to stop this plot," said State Rep. Charlie Collins, (R) Fayetteville.

Students at University of Arkansas Texarkana have mixed feelings.

"I'm completely for it if you went through the class then you know what to do, I personally went through the class so I know, but know one is going to know if you conceal carry if you do it properly," said Autumn Miller, Nursing LPN student.

"I think that the only people on campus who should have guns is the security the team the police officers," said Andrew Padgett, Business student.

Padgett says if something happened on the campus cops wouldn't be able to tell the bad from good.

"If there was a shooter on campus god forbid then the police officers in the scene whoever would come in respond wouldn't know who's the shooter and who isn't," said Padgett.

But Miller feels it could help increase protection on campus.

"I do feel you know it could possible be helpful because we only have like one or two cops on duty seceruity and honestly thats not enough, you know you have one or more active shooters and they take out your cop so what are you going to do," said Miller.

The house passed the bill with 71 in favor and 22 against, the senate approved it adding an amendment requiring any teacher hoping to carry a gun on campus to take 16 hours of active shooter training. 

However, now the bill is back with the senate committee for more discussion.

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