New nursing program could be headed to Grambling State University

GRAMBLING-- - "I was a freshman at Grambling when we first got a nursing program, so this isn't just a job, it's personal," says President Rick Gallot, Grambling State University.

President of Grambling State University, Rick Gallot, is excited about the direction the university is taking with getting it's nursing program back on campus.

"It's interesting, we actually had 50 freshmen to declare biology as a major as a placeholder for nursing. There is just this feeling, this belief, that the nursing program is definitely coming back," says Gallot.

The program was removed in December of 2015, due to students not scoring above the 80-percentile on the nursing exam.

Now GSU is bringing in a new program for nursing hopefuls.

"We did a strong foundation for the freshman and sophomore year, and then going into the professional component in the junior year, rather than the sophomore year. We also added a summer session, so once the students start in the professional component, they stay in the program until graduation," says Meg Brown, Interim Associate Dean GSU School of Nursing.

There are some steps that must take place before the program can be in full effect.

"The first step is we will go to the University of Louisiana System this week. After that it has to go to the Board of Regents. After the Board of Regents, it has to go to the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. Each one of those steps has criteria that we must meet. Even when we get to the Board of Nursing, we cannot start for a year," says Brown.

And if it comes into fruition, only 30-students will be allowed in the program its initial year.

"We will certainly keep it in a manageable number to ensure that it's only the highest quality students who are allowed into the program and the highest quality that will graduate and successfully pass their boards," says Gallot.

If everything is approved by the system and board, expect to see a new nursing program at GSU in the Fall of 2018.

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