New online system for adjudicated properties

SHREVEPORT - Caddo Parish is taking the necessary steps to sell thousands of adjudicated properties through a new online auction process. 

Since the launch of the program in February, over 1,000 properties have been listed with approximately 9,000 available.

The first information session was attended by over 200 residents. The next training will March 22, 6:00pm at the Independence Stadium Skybox for all interested in learning about the program.

These properties were adjudicated due to unpaid property taxes. The properties went unsold at tax sale and in many cases, have been off the tax rolls for years, not generating annual tax revenues.

Caddo Parish is collaborating with CivicSource to auction the tax delinquent properties. The sales will place these properties back on the tax rolls, return them to commerce and generate significant, recurring annual tax revenues. Only properties that have been adjudicated for more than five years will available. The sale will provide winning bidders with full ownership of each property including title insurance.

"By finding an innovative way to return these properties to commerce, the parish and the city are recouping important revenue," said Jimmy Whittington, Caddo Parish Right of Way Representative. "We have upwards of 9,000 properties that are currently being evaluated for future auctions or redemption. We will continue to list new properties on each month until the parish and city have exhausted the backlog of adjudicated properties."

The online auction replaces the traditional adjudication sale held at Government Plaza where participants were required to be present during the auction process. By hosting the sale online, bidders who would not normally be able to attend the auction in person are still able to participate from their homes or place of business. 

CivicSource has already proven successful in other communities across the state. Since launching in July 2015, the auctions have collected over $20 million in unbudgeted revenue through the sale of over 1,000 properties. Parish and city officials are hopeful these auctions will help spur new development, reduce blight and strengthen neighborhoods across parish.

"One of the Parish's highest priorities is to ensure our citizens' confidence in their communities to provide a stable environment to work and raise a family," said Dr. Woodrow Wilson, Caddo Parish Administrator. "Our partnership with entities such as CivicSource makes it easier for these properties to be responsibly purchased and helps to stabilize our neighborhoods and our property values," said Wilson.

The adjudicated properties will be plotted on a map and each property will include a detailed description. Registered users nominate properties for auction through an $850 deposit. The initial $850 deposit will go toward the sale price of the winning bid. Online auctions for adjudicated properties are held on the first Wednesday of every month, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., subject to a rolling close in the case of last-minute competitive bidding. 

Complete details about the online auction process are available at, or interested buyers can call (888) 387-8033, Monday-Friday from 8a.m.-5p.m. to speak with a help representative from CivicSource and have their questions answered.

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