Ordinance to split city/parish MPC in the works

Shreveport City Council chair says city will save $400K by going it alone

SHREVEPORT, La. - After months of controversy swirling in the Shreveport/Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission, the chairman of the Shreveport City Council has announced a radical solution – sever the relationship between Shreveport.

James Flurry, who spoke with NBC6 about his plan to introduce the ordinance two weeks ago, made the official announcement on KEEL Radio early this morning. He said he plans to introduce the ordinance at the first Council meeting in August.

Flurry explained he was introducing the ordinance because the city-parish coalition isn’t working. “The reason I’m doing this is it just hasn’t worked for us – it just simply hasn’t worked. We’ve had too many misfires, too many citizens complaining.”

Financial considerations also are a part of Flurry’s belief the city would be better off with the split. He said currently the city is spending about $1.2 million to keep the MPC afloat.

“They spend money like it’s no tomorrow, and so we can do it better, and we can save approximately $400,000 by putting it in house,” Flurry said.

But the councilman doesn’t want to leave the Parish MPC high and dry and hopes to negotiate a way where the parish can utilize the services and expertise of some of the city employees involved in the planning.

Flurry said the next two weeks before the August 8 council meeting will be used to further flush out how the plan can be executed.

§140.15.  Effective date

In creating a metropolitan planning commission, as authorized by this Sub-Part, the City Council of the City of Shreveport and the Police Jury of Caddo Parish shall, by mutual agreement, designate the date upon which the powers, duties and authority of the commission shall take effect.  Until such time as the Metropolitan Planning Commission begins the performance of its duties the existing City Planning Commission of the City of Shreveport shall be continued with all the powers and duties heretofore held; and, by the aforesaid date the City Planning Commission shall have turned over to the Metropolitan Planning Commission all of its records, plans, studies, or other instruments of its work and planning.  Upon the attachment of the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Planning Commission, the powers of the City Planning Commission of the City of Shreveport in conflict herewith, shall cease to exist; provided, however, that such plans or parts thereof as have been lawfully adopted by the City Planning Commission, including but not limited to the subdivision regulations, major street plan, and zoning plan, shall continue in effect and shall be administered by the Metropolitan Planning Commission until repealed or replaced by such Metropolitan Planning Commission in accordance with this Sub-Part.   



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