Pool closing controversy

Springhill, LA - Joseph Bonton is concerned that his grandchildren may be in harm's way if the city council closes the pool on his side of town, the Westside.

"I'm afraid that if they close this place, that they'll try to cross this highway, and I don't want to see an innocent kid get killed," says Joseph Bonton, Springhill District 1 Resident.

In previous years, the pools on the Eastside and Westside of Springhill were segregated.

District 1 Councilwoman, Dimettera Frazier, says not much has changed.

"There has never been an equal playing field with the pools, even as far as the condition of the pool. Over here, we have if I'm not mistaken two life guards, somebody that oversees the pool, we have a supervisor. At the eastside pool, they have swimming lessons and are top heavy as we would say," says Dimettera Frazier, Springhill Councilwoman District 1.

Frazier says her fellow council members are wanting to close the Westside pool but keep the one on the eastside open, along with opening a splash pad at the one site complex across 371 in South Arkansas.

"The complex is a beautiful facility, but it's not in a neutral place where it would be safe for children crossing the street," says Frazier.

She proposes a millage to solve this pool issue, which she feels will keep town officials happy, while her district prospers.

"Once we could attach a small millage, it would go for 10-years, to our taxes that we pay here, we could be self-sustainable without even struggling. It would add about 2 or 3 dollars to the tax base that we would pay," says Frazier.

We will have more information regarding the millage once a voting date has been proposed.

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