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Preview of Shreveport mayoral race

SHREVEPORT. La - Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler is the first major candidate to announce they're running in this year's mayoral race.

"I'm very serious about running again. There are so many things we would like to finish. There are so many things we would like to see happen in the City of Shreveport."

Political analyst Jeffrey Sadow says Tyler addressing the city's water and sewer system and roads during her current administration will resonate well with voters.

"There have been some missteps she's made, but overall I think in terms of the basic bread and butter issues such as infrastructure she's shown a willingness to tackle those and go after some long standing problems.

He says she does face some challenges caused by the recent water billing lawsuit and her proposal for a sports complex

"Things like that keep popping up that make people question really how competently she's running the city."

Sadow explains now isn't too early for other contenders to put their names in the race. He says there has been a lot of talk about Caddo Parish Commissioner Steven Jackson running.

Jackson says, "I don't want folks to see me as being vocal and me being concerned as me propping myself up to do something else, but I am having conversations with folks about the issues that matter to them.  If that translates to something else then with prayer and consultation with family and friends, then it is what it is and it will be what it's going to be."

Qualifying doesn't start until July 18th.  Sadow believes potential candidates should make an announcement by March, because they're not only fighting for hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds but also votes.

"For a contest of this magnitude there really needs to be organization going on right now."

Early voting begins Cctober 23rd and the election is November 6th.

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