Road collapses in Miller County

crews: won't be fixed for months

Texarkana, AR - Construction crews working tirelessly to fix Miller County Road 64. They say they are not exactly sure as to what caused the pipe underneath this road to collapse.





"A mess, a mess, sure enough a mess" says construction worker Anthony Atkins as he describes the scene of a 20 year old 120 foot pipe collapsing under the road.



"A lot of money being held up by this mess" says Atkins.


The arch -shaped pipe collapsed right down the middle.


A mile down the road is Tyson Food Company.


Monday,the day of the collapse, workers at Tyson Foods could not get to work, causing the plant to temporarily shut down. Even affecting other Tyson locations across the state.



"They told me yesterday it affects 5500 jobs at other plants" says Atkins.



Atkins and his crew made a temporary pipe to go under the alternate route. So Tyson food employee's are back at work Tuesday.



"At midnight last night we opened the road" says Atkins.




He says the new pipe will cost around $100 ,000



The alternate route will be available until the road is completely fixed which may take months.




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