Rowdy the goat is back home

Rowdy the goat

SHREVEPORT, La - A lost goat, found in Shreveport by Caddo deputies is reunited with its owners.
Rowdy the goat is now back home, the Caddo Sheriff Office, livestock unit picked him Monday.
The goat was found on Dianne street in Shreveport. He was wearing a heart-shaped tag with the name "Rowdy" on it. His owner say's this isn't the first time Rowdy's gone rogue. But he's happy to have him back. 

Scott Cooper, Rowdy's owner says, "I'm relieved that he was found, because I really had no idea where he had wondered off too. I've been searching the area for about an hour driving around, just consistent circles." Scott Cooper and his girlfriend have had Rowdy for one year.

And if the owners didn't claim Rowdy, the Sheriff Office policy is to auction off missing animals if the owner doesn't claim them within ten days.

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