Salute The Badge: Cemetery Honors Law Enforcement

Cemetery in Haughton takes time to salute law enforcement officers

HAUGHTON, La - Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery cooked up a lunch for local police, sheriff's deputies and Louisiana State police last Wednesday.
Law enforcement constantly assist with funeral escorts to the facility.

Charles Gholson, Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery's general manager, says he's thankful for the services law enforcement provides the facility. But he's more thankful for all they do which affects him personally.

"Law enforcement guarantees me the freedom to come and go everyday. Because I have a firm belief that if everybody went on strike, by 10 o'clock every morning we'd be living in anarchy and not a free country," said Gholson. "We couldn't enjoy our freedom."

Law enforcement was treated to hamburgers, sausages, chips, drinks and desserts.

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