Salvation Army hosts Stone Soup fundraiser

Proceeds Help Those In Need

Texarkana, AR - In Texarkana, Arkansas, hundreds gathered Thursday in support of the Salvation Army's Stone Soup Lunch. Proceeds benefit those in need.  One employee of the Salvation Army said she can testify, that the Salvation Army changed her life.


It all started when a friend invited 20 year-old Infinity Ross to the Salvation Army Church.  Ross was eighteen at the time.  She was living with her grandmother and raising two little sisters.  Ross said, "We were struggling with getting food. My mother ... got in some trouble and it was just a hard time for us."  


The Salvation Army gave Ross the hand she needed.  Now, she works for the non-profit.  On the day of this big fundraiser, Ross is busy delivering food.  Proceeds from the Stone Soup Lunch fund kids' programs, families who need assistance, and the homeless shelter.   


Salvation Army Lt. Bernadette Correira said, "We have over fifteen-thousand families that we've served throughout the 2016 year and that includes small children."  This hits close to home for Ross.  "It seemed like God was telling me to go to the Salvation Army and I went and everything just changed.  If it weren't for the Salvation Army we don't know where we'd be," Ross said.


Ross plans to stay with the Salvation Army to return the kindness she was shown in her own time of need.


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