Scalise recounts shooting at Value Voters Summit

WASHINGTON D.C. - Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise started by recounting the attack on Republican baseball practice where he was severely wounded. 

“Once my arms gave out and I couldn't crawl anymore I laid there and the first thing I said was im just gonna pray" said Scalise. 

Scalise thanked the Capitol Police officers who returned fire. He credits them for saving his life. 

“I prayed that they were successful in carrying out their duty. And in such a heroic way, while being shot themselves, they did.”

One of them is Crystal Griner -- who was awarded a Medal of Valor for her actions. 

Griner is openly gay and married to a woman. That led some to question Scalise’s decision to speak here
It was organized by the Family Research Council which says “homosexual conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large, and can never be affirmed.” 

“What Mr. Scalise has is a very unique opportunity" said Gregory T. Angelo, President of Log Cabin Republicans.

Angelo is president of the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization representing gay conservatives. 

“Be a voice for evangelical Christians urging them to look with a more sympathetic eye toward lgbt individuals.”

Instead Scalise thanked FRC's leadership for standing up for the values that make the country great. 

Scalise has said he’s grown close to Crystal Griner and her wife in the months since the attack. 

In response to questions about the speech and FRC’s views on homosexuality, a spokesman said that Scalise’s work with religious groups is focused on pro-life issues and religious liberty. 

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