School bus safety rules

Keeping children safe while driving

Bossier City, LA - Students in Bossier parish head back to school in eight days.

That means more buses, more traffic and more reasons to  stay alert on the road.

With school starting here in Bossier next week, Bossier school leaders want to make sure drivers follow the rules to keep children safe.

With more than 200 bossier school buses covering 700 routes each day, state police say there are important tips to remember.

Trooper Matt Harris, Lousiana State Police says, "a kid's safety remains paramount in this situation."

No matter what day of the week or time of day always stop when school buses stop.

Wait until signals and stops signs on a school bus are dis-engaged, and the bus is in forward motion before you drive off.

Trooper Harris says, "because you if you go and you think they are on the bus and no other kids coming that's when tragedy strikes. When we come to investigate why the kid got ran over... We're not going to say oh it's okay you just thought they were on the bus. That's no excuse."

When driving on the road, a painted turning lane is not a physical barrier. 

"So if all there a turning lane in the middle and three lanes on each side, you still have to stop."

Physical barriers consist of anything that blocks you from crossing the road way, cable barriers, concrete barriers, grass medians, 

And slow down in school zones.

"Its a mandatory court appearance if you get ticketed in a school zone."

You will be fined almost $500.

"This is such a serious matter you know the safety of the children is the number one goal over where people need to be getting where they need to be."

School starts, next Wednesday on August second.


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