School provides grief counselors after 12 yr old's death

Texarkana, AR - In Miller County, grief counselors were on-hand today at a local school after an accidental shooting claims the life of a 12-year-old.

The boy was fatally shot on Saturday afternoon.

Police say he and his 13 year-old cousin were playing with a gun outside his home, while his mother was inside.

College Hill Middle School is providing counseling services all week to help students, parents and friends deal with the tragic loss.

"At this time investigators believe that the victim received the gun from ill means. Possibly a neighbor, that's still being investigated as well as at what point did he receive the weapon and how long he had it in his possession" say's Public Info Officer, Kristi Bennett for The Texarkana Arkansas Police Dept.

Police say no charges are pending.

They're waiting for autopsy results before making a recommendation to the prosecutor's office.


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