Shreveport-Caddo Crime Stoppers Program celebrates 36 years

SHREVEPORT, La. - March, 2017 marks the 36th anniversary/birthday of the local Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers Program which is
continuing to help solve crime, one call at a time.

The first Crime Stoppers program in the US began in 1978 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and by 1981 a pilot program to report crime was developed in Shreveport with the support of a handful of volunteers serving as board members, who would unknowingly play a part of local and global history.

Through those efforts of such pioneers like Dallas Green, Mimi Hussey, John Lee and many others, Shreveport’s first Crime Stoppers program was formed to cover the city and in 2008 the program was expanded to encompass the entire Caddo Parish.

36 years later, Shreveport Crime Stoppers has evolved as Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers, taking on the task of collecting and disseminating crime information to investigators with the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, the Shreveport Police Department and many other law enforcement agencies.

Crime Stoppers is a 501c3 Non Profit organization which relies on the financial generosity/contributions of
private citizens and businesses for its success.

In 2012, Caddo Crime Stoppers became known in the international community, when then, Shreveport Police
Coordinator Sgt. Jim Taliaferro was named as the International Crime Stopper’s Coordinator of the Year. Taliaferro has since retired from the department and now serves as both the Executive Director of the local program and a Regional Director with Crime Stoppers USA Board of Directors.

Although Caddo Parish is the primary responsibility of the local Crime Stoppers program, member programs within Crime Stoppers USA network assume the role of forwarding any information they receive to the proper law enforcement agency wherever a crime has been committed.

A web of programs across the nation enables any Crime Stoppers program to reach out to another to share information about a crime or a wanted suspect. It is this commitment which has been responsible for capturing fugitives in Texas, California, Colorado and many other states and countries who might have gone undetected if not for the efforts of those programs sharing information.

In 2002, Crime Stoppers was hailed by the United Nations as one of the most premier informational gathering resources in the war against terrorism and is a member of Interpol. Crime Stoppers continues those efforts globally to process and forward all anonymous information to thwart any breach of a country’s safety and security.

In the past 36 years, Caddo Crime Stoppers has grown not only in the geographic area of responsibility, but
technologically as well; using state-of-the-art software to manage, classify and catalog incoming tips and statistical data, which in the past, was done manually.

Technology has enabled Shreveport/Caddo Crime Stoppers to receive tips over the internet using a secure 256 bit encryption (used in online banking), allowing sensitive anonymous information to be collected by the coordinator and transmitted safely throughout the Crime Stoppers network and among local investigators.

Through innovative programming software call P3, this technology provides the capability of establishing features such as "two-way" dialogue, similar to instant chat room, with the person submitting the tip via the internet.

This feature allows the coordinator and the investigator to follow up or to ask pertinent questions about the crime with the “Tipster,” clarifying information regarding the tip. Through this method, the “Tipster” can re-enter their tip securely by using their own password and submit additional information to the investigator 24/7.

With the use of a “Smart Phone”, the coordinator can receive incoming calls, check and respond to email notifications, tip inquiries and even remotely check tips which have been submitted. Since anonymity of the “Tipster” is paramount,

Crime Stoppers never relies on answering machines to record tips, but employs the use of a 24 hour, off site answering facility specifically dedicated to answering only Crime Stopper calls.

The utilization of this service enables the “Tipster” to always speak to a person, leave sensitive crime information, while providing peace of mind to the coordinator that a call will never be missed. Time is of the essence in solving a case, so information received quickly and accurately must be forwarded to the appropriate investigator in a timely manner.

With over 1700 Crime Stoppers programs in the US alone and a global presence in over 26 different countries, the goal is the same; establishing avenues of communication for the public to submit information to members of law enforcement to solve crime.

In present day, with the threat to National security, Crime Stoppers has never played a more vital role in the receiving and exchanging information between local, state, national and global law enforcement agencies. Crime Stoppers remains a premier informational gathering and reporting resource in the war against terror. But we can’t and don’t do it alone.

Jim Taliaferro, Executive Director of Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers said, “The success of any Crime Stoppers program is relational. Every program is and must be dependent on a “triad” relationship between law enforcement, the media and the public. Support and participation of each of these entities makes not only our program successful, but every Crime Stoppers program across the globe. Although Crime Stoppers often gets the credit for solving crime, we know that simply is not true. Crime Stoppers doesn’t solve crime, tenacious investigators do. But all too often it’s those tips received by a Crime Stoppers program which provides a piece of information assisting an investigator to develop one more clue to bringing another case to closure and suspect to arrest.”

“Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers is honored to have played such an important part in assisting our investigators with identifying, locating and apprehending fugitives from justice. We are thankful for the men and women in law enforcement, the fire department’s arson investigators and all of our first responders for their confidence in us. We remain resolute to utilizing our resources to assist in restoring, protecting and maintaining the quality of life for our citizens.” - Jim Taliaferro, Executive Director, Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers -


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