Shreveport dog park to open this Spring

SHREVEPORT - It's been more than a decade since serious discussions about bringing a dog park to Shreveport...began. 
"It's been a long time. It's been 10 years ago at the Barkus and Meow parade that I signed the petition to help bring a dog park to Shreveport and to see how far we've come and to see it actually being built right behind me now is the best feeling in the world" said Shreveport Dog Park Alliance Director Cynthia Keith.
Over the years, the city and the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance have struggled to agree on funding. 
Ultimately, the Red River Waterway Commission poured 280-thousand dollars into the Stoner Boat Launch Facility and, thanks to that funding, this four acre dog park adds to that project,.
Couple with 28-thousand dollars raised by the Alliance for's slated to open this April.
"I cannot wait. I've seen dog parks in bigger cities and I'm so excited that Shreveport progressing to an exciting big city, you know, giving those features while we still have a wonderful sized town" said Laura Schlidt, Krewe of Barkus and Meoux Queen. 
Located on the Clyde Fant riverfront, the park is just a couple miles away from downtown and not far from the new state-of-the-art YMCA. 
It'll include a pond, a quarter mile track and two seperate areas for large and small, along with other new additions like the Shreveport's expected to help bring millions to our area.
"It's an asset to the city and it's something the community's been wanting for a long time" said Cynthia Keith. 

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