Shreveport Orchard Squad starts digging

SHREVEPORT - A Shreveport man called 'Johnny Apple See' started planting.

John Paul-Young of the Shreveport Orchard Squad dug contour lines in Allendale Wednesday.

They'll spread rain-water across the landscape, helping conserve the water during dry spells.

Young says planting apples is his goal, but he hopes to grow more fruits and vegetables starting in the spring.

"Because we get a lot of rain here, but it doesn't come steadily, it comes all at once, and then we have a long dry spell. But if we save the rain that comes alla t once, we can still have enough in the dry spell to keep our plants growing" said John Paul Young. 

Paul-Young also says the City of Shreveport should be using this practice and other like it more often, and says he plans to run for mayor next year in hopes to make these conservation practices more common.

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