SPD looking for men and women to protect & serve

Shreveport, LA - The Shreveport Police Department is looking for 40 new officers to protect and serve our community.
"I hope they are very honest."
"They try to treat that person with respect."
"Not take advantage of the job."
Those are just some of the characteristics Shreveport residents want the Shreveport Police Department's next class of recruits to have.
Lt. Colette Kelly is in charge of recruitment and says the department is hoping to have 40 people in the next police academy.
"We certainly look for perseverance because it will not be an easy job.  Going through that academy."
Recruits will have to undergo 16 weeks of training.
Lt. Kelly says, "You have to be committed.  You have to really want to do this."
Anyone interested in applying has until 5 p.m. Friday to submit an application at the Civil Services Office located on 7300 Mansfield Road.  Make sure you bring your driver's license, high school diploma, birth certificate and form verifying your military experience.


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