Standout Student: Michael Christopher

SHREVEPORT, La - Michael Christopher is a 6th grader at Turner Elementary/ 6th Grade Academy who considers himself a leader on campus.

"If I see somebody picking on somebody, I'll tell them cause you don't want to be a bystander.  You don't want to look at people getting picked on, so you have to take up for them or you can tell the teacher."

There's a reason why he tries to always do the right thing.

"We have younger children in this school that need that example."

Michael says one of his favorite organizations on campus is Gentleman of Distinction.

"I learned how to look somebody in the eye when you're shaking a person's hand."

In the classroom Michael's favorite subject is math.

"When you're doing math, it's more than one way to find this problem out or do this problem."

He is able to portray his principal, Dr. Darrell Webb for the school's announcements.  That has helped him prepare for one of his future goals.

"I want to be an actor when I grow up, because I have a lot of personality that I want to show to the world."

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