Student facing charges after fight video hits social media

Student facing charges after fight video

DESOTO PARISH, La. - A student at North DeSoto High School is facing criminal charges and expulsion after a fight was videotaped and made its way to social media.

According to DeSoto Parish School officials, the fight stems from an incident between both girls about a month ago.  

District officials say in Monday's fight the roles were reversed and now the aggressor is facing criminal charges and expulsion from school.

The student that recorded the video will face short-term suspension at alternative school.

The victim was treated for her injuries and won't face any disciplinary action from the school.
In the incident last month between the girls, the victim in Monday's incident tried starting a fight, but the other girl walked away.  At that time, Monday's victim was placed into in-school suspension.

“We regret tensions between these female students resulted in a restroom fight. School staff work each day to provide a safe learning environment for students and instances like these do not reflect the overall character or atmosphere of our schools. Unfortunately, fights have happened on school campuses for as long as anyone can remember; the new element, however, in school fights, is videography and immediate posting to social media which is most unfortunate" said DeSoto Parish School Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley.


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