Students walk out

Hundreds at Arkansas High observe seventeen minutes of silence

TEXARKANA, Ar - Hundreds of students at Arkansas High School in Texarkana walked out of class Wednesday to honor the seventeen people who lost their lives in the mass shooting in Florida one month ago.

Senior Allie Spellman said, "You have a lot of time to think, seventeen minutes, just about how it could've been this school." Spellman said she learned of the walkout when she got to school.  Officials allowed students to exercise their right to gather in peace.  Principal Eva Nadeau said, "A message went out on Snapchat that everyone was gonna meet at the flagpole at ten.  So, I organized my administrators and security."

Senior Christina Cannady heard about the gathering from a friend.  Though it's unclear who organized the walkout, she said she wanted to make sure everyone knew why they were there.  "'It's just so important to love everyone, not just those who you click with." It's a message that resonated with some.  Spellman said, "I was like, I could be nicer to some of my classmates that I just don't talk to, you know, make them feel welcome, cause I never know what anybody else is going through."  Nadeau added, "When you get in a cafeteria with four hundred-plus kids in it at one time, you can often feel alone and a little intimidated."

Cannady said if students could walk away with one message, it would to be kindness.  "Be nice to one another.  I know, that's so cliche, but appreciate others, make them feel included.  Don't ever exclude anyone for any reason, they don't deserve that." 


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